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 To work with the poor to build on their efforts to rise and remain above the poverty line.

 To provide credit on interest or otherwise, to groups of poor persons who come together on the basis of affinity, both in rural and urban areas with the support of SAG promoting Institutions such as NGOs and Government Departments.

 To create replicable models in the area of financial services for the economically poor and socially exploited sections of the Society in rural and urban India.

 To support the rural poor and urban poor to over come poverty of all kinds (economic poverty, poverty of values and poverty of relationships with people and organizations.) through capacity building, skill development and attitudinal changes.

 To encourage and collaborate with people and institutions with objectives similar to Sanghamithra.

 To collaborate with Government and Non Government Organizations to bring about changes in public policies and practices in favour of the poor and deprived, particularly in the areas of economic fiscal and social administration.

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